The Action on Sugar Drinking Game*

With the SACN Working Group on Carbohydrates about to report on sugar, and the continued efforts of Action on Sugar to ensure that it is featured in every news report, debate and jerry-built opinion piece in the newspapers I thought we may as well have some fun from it.

Accordingly I am proud to present the Action on Sugar Drinking Game. The game can be played with the alcoholic beverage of your choice* or perhaps more aptly, Coca-Cola.

Take 1 finger of drink when any representative of Action on Sugar says:

  • “obesity”
  • “refined carbohydrate”
  • “no nutritional value”
  • “sugar sweetened beverage”
  • “sugar tax”

Take 2 fingers of drink for:-

  • “big food”
  • “is the new tobacco”
  • “legislate”
  • “increased risk of type 2 diabetes”

Take 3 fingers of drink for:-

  • “cripple the NHS”
  • “study from Stamford”

Half a pint for:-

  • “energy you don’t want and don’t need”

Finish your drink whenever Dr Aseem Malhotra expresses his concern for ‘the children’.


*Drink responsibly kids.


2 thoughts on “The Action on Sugar Drinking Game*

  1. At least they seem to have dropped the use of the very annoying ‘diabesity’ following all the complaints from people with type 1, otherwise it could have become the new guesstimate.

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