What is this blog about?

My thoughts on pseudo-science, misleading claims and poor reasoning that I see on twitter, the news and the wider world.

Anything I write is a statement of honest opinion held on the basis of facts which exist at the time of writing.

I do not represent any organisation, movement or political viewpoint. I receive no funding and derive no income for writing this blog either directly or indirectly from any source.

Why do I write under a pseudonym?

I use the pseudonym Slipp Digby because some of the things I write will inevitably lead a small minority to attack me personally.

I also believe that the strength of your arguments comes from the content of what you write and evidence you provide, not from who you are (or are not).

What if something you write is shown to be wrong?

Let me know via twitter, email me or comment on the post itself.

If I am shown to be incorrect I will openly amend and acknowledge my mistake, providing some reasonable factual evidence is provided to show that what I wrote is incorrect.

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