“…don’t bother arguing – the guy is ignorant. Read his blog – he eats Weetabix for breakfast!!”

Ross Lamb (@snooplambylamb)


“You again, get a life”

Faculty of Homeopathy


“Admit it slippery you’re a sockpupet troll for the BDA skulking in the shadows and a lap dog to the failed RD’s”

Eddie Mitchell (@lowcarbdiabetic)


“Slipp you are gutless, toadying, kneecap sucking, coward, skulking in the shadows, a non entity. With zero credibility!”

Eddie Mitchell (@lowcarbdiabetic)


In response to this detailed and fully referenced blog post:-

“Obviously have time on your hands, and a rather small echo-chamber to service…”

Ivor Cummins (@fatemperor)

Technical Manager, Engineer, Complex Problem Solving Specialist


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