Homeopath Ursula Kraus-Harper is ‘baffled’ by the failure of CEASE Therapy

I wrote previously about CEASE Therapy and the awful way in which it is marketed to prey on parental guilt and anxiety. In this post I want to look at the way CEASE selectively promotes its efficacy. CEASE is marketed almost exclusively using anecdotal evidence of recovery. The CEASE website has a number of unconvincing anonomous case studies, and they also provide links to another powerful part of their marketing strategy – the blogs of parents who are apparently having success treating their children’s ASD using CEASE. There are a number of these blogs such as Continue reading

CEASE Therapy: A disgusting manipulation of parental fear & anxiety

Let’s start with a very simple statement: CEASE Therapy offends me. Not just because the hypothesis which underpins it is simply an unproven assertion. Not just because it goes against the consensus view and makes unsupported claims to be able to completely ‘cure’ Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Not just because its protocol uses either useless (Isopathy, Classic Homeopathy) or potentially dangerous (Orthomolecular) interventions. These are of course all valid reasons, but are subjects for other posts. What really offends me is the way CEASE Therapy is marketed to prey upon the worst fears and uncertainties of parents whose children have ASD Continue reading