CAM News Spin Fail of the Month Award – October 2012: The Alliance for Natural Health

Having missed Septembers News Spin due to other commitments, I almost missed Octobers as well. That was until this little shop of horrors landed on Halloween which simply demanded comment. Yep, it’s another example of the Alliance for Natural Health ignoring the bulk of the facts and using insinuation and conspiracy theory to paint a picture which fits the established narrative.

The article titled Altered images: Two tales of corruption or conspiracy? looks at the story of Dipak Das a Professor from the University of Connecticut who has been charged with research fraud. The main focus seems to be published papers which relate to the ‘red wine’ molecule resveratrol which natural health advocates claim has a number of significant health benefits. Continue reading

CAM News Spin Fail of the Month Award – August 2012: The Alliance for Natural Health

If there is one thing I like more than finding a mental CAM article, its finding spin. Or perhaps more accurately finding examples of spin so poor that the only rational response is simply to point, and laugh loudly whilst waving the facts at it. I am going to select a turd from the cat litter of CAM news each month based on its wrongness, its omission of facts, or just its balls out cheek in asserting something which is demonstrably wrong. Without further ado here is the very first winner, a minnow but a consistent performer….. Continue reading